Fabiola Quezada 

Fabiola Quezada was born in Temascalapa, near Mexico City, graduated with honors in fine arts from the Brera Academy in 2003 in Milan, Italy. In 2004 she won the prestigious Lissone art award at the Museum of Contemporary Art of the City of Lissone, Milan, Italy. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in museums, galleries, institutions and spaces for contemporary art.

Many of her works can be found as part of public art collections, as in the Collection of Canton Ticino in Switzerland and the Museum of Contemporary Art Lissone in Italy, as well as in private art collections in Switzerland, Italy and the USA.

She is a member of the association of professional artists: Visarte/IAA/AIAP/UNESCO

She is included in the Swiss Art Dictionary: SIKART; biographical dictionary and database on art in Switzerland, published online by the Swiss Institute for Art Research: www.sikart.ch



Fabiola Quezada mixes the cultural influences of Mexico with those of classical European culture and the inspirations of modern painting. All enriched with the flavours and colours of her homeland. She paints the essence of life; human and vegetable bodies, diversity and similarity, comparisons of daily life and memories, simple and strong messages, in perfect harmony with contemporaneity and spontaneity, fresh chromaticity and desire for emotions. In her painting the central theme is the human male figure from a female point of view. She lives the sense of memory and combines it with experience and with the culture acquired by frequenting new realities of creation, an horizon of cultural exchange, which builds identity.


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