Giovanni Bruno

Giovanni Bruno He was born in Busalla (Genova) on 4 June 1961.

Graduated from the Art School of Genoa in 1980, he finished his studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in Scenography in 1984. Since 1987 he has devoted himself completely to art and begins a frenetic and continuous research activity, expertly amalgamating experiences and knowledge acquired over the years as a scenographer, where he confronts the stage space and the technology of materials. He does not give in to the lure of fashions imposed by the art market, he remains faithful to his mystical world and pure in making his art.

Through the discovery of “wear” in the material, which becomes “painting” and the sign that in many of Giovanni’s works is “writing”, this in turn becomes “eurythmy”. His works are consequential and tell his “solitary life” as in the previous works.


All Giovanni Bruno’s works have a title. It is didactic and indicates a group of works. The individual works are distinguished with a completion to the title, he adds a literary quote. Commenting on the reason for the choice of titles in relation to the works would take a very long time.

It can be said that for Giovanni Bruno giving a title to a work is like … for the first man to give a name to the things that surrounded him, it is another invention added to the work without a close connection but with the desire to expand the his sense from the visual to the imaginary He teaches scenography theater at the two-year specialization of scenography at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Lives and works in Milan.


Giovanni Bruno dedicates his artistic research to time by exploring its traces, during its transitional phase through the hand of man.

Such as the glass papers that are used by craftsmen, body builders or carpenters, to smooth, smooth or smooth various surfaces. Through the work of man, the papers wear out and often take on the color of the surface on which they were used, transforming, breaking, wearing down, changing shape and color.

Wear precisely. Giovanni Bruno, passing through the various artisans or coachbuilders, collects them and, keeping the original width intact, tears them by hand into equal pieces, gluing them on a wooden board. Wear, through the obsessive consumption of matter in the operation of work and the fatigue of man, becomes painting.

The material is transformed into shape and color enclosed in display cases erected as a work of art complete in form and concept.


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